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Revista Brasileira de Ciência Avícola, v.18, n.4 (2016)


A Revista Brasileira de Ciência Avícola (Brazilian Journal of Poultry Science) é uma revista científica publicada sob a coordenação da Comissão de Publicação da Fundação APINCO de Ciência e Tecnologia Avícolas.

Tem como objetivo publicar artigos completos, científicos, técnicos e artigos de revisão, na área de Ciência Avícola.

Rev. Bras. Cienc. Avic. vol.18 no.4 Campinas out./dez. 2016

· Epidemiology of Avian Infectious Laryngotracheitis with Special Focus to South America: an update
Parra, SHS; Nuñez, LFN; Ferreira, AJP

· Influence of Covering Reused Broiler Litter with Plastic Canvas on Litter Characteristics and Bacteriology and the Subsequent Immunity and Microbiology of Broilers
Mesa, D; Lourenço, M; Souza, A; Bueno, A; Pereira, A; Sfeir, M; Santin, E

· Photogrammetry: a Non-Invasive and Objective Method for Detecting Locomotion Problems in Broiler Chickens
Mendes, AS; Paixão, SJ; Sikorski, RR; Bonamigo, DV; Morello, MG; Ponzoni, RAR

· Comparison of National and International Standards of Good Egg Production Practices
Sousa, GP; Pereira, DF; Watanabe, K; Cataneo, PF

· Storage Period Affects Weight Loss of Japanese Quail Eggs
Roriz, BC; Sgavioli, S; Garcia, RG; Nääs, IA; Domingues, CHF; Caldara, FR; Rombola, LG; Ayla, CM; Bernnecke, K

· Effects of Thymoquinone on Interleukin-1 and Interferon Gamma Gene Expression and Antibody Titers against Newcastle Disease in Broiler Chickens under Oxidative Stress
Rastad, A; Sadeghi, AA; Chamani, M; Shawrang, P

· Assessment of a probiotic Containing Bacillus Subtilis on the Performance and Gut Health of Laying Japanese Quails (Coturnix Coturnix Japonica)
Manafi, M; Khalaji, S; Hedayati, M

· Thermal Manipulation Mid-term Broiler Chicken Embryogenesis: Effect on Muscle Growth Factors and Muscle Marker Genes
Al-Zghoul, MB; Al-Natour, MQ; Dalab, AS; Alturki, OI; Althnaian, T; Al-ramadan, SY; Hannon, KM

· Analyzing Growth Curves of Turkeys Reared in Different Breeding Systems (Intensive and Free-Range) with some Nonlinear Models
Sogut, B; Celik, S; Ayasan, T; Inci, H

· The Antifungal Properties of Peppermint and Thyme Essential Oils Misted in Broiler Houses
Witkowska, D; Sowińska, J; Żebrowska, JP; Mituniewicz, E

· Effects of the Replacement of Soybean Meal with Pea as Dietary Protein Source on the Serum Protein Fractions of Broilers
Bingol, NT; Dede, S; Karsli, MA; Değer, Y; Kılınç, Kılınç D; Kiliçalp, S

· Firewood Ash as Calcium Source in the Initial Diet of Broiler Chickens
Saccomani, APO; DE, Faria Filho; França, XAA; Dias, AN; Matos Júnior, JB; Faria, DE

· The Effect of Humic Acid Substances on the Thyroid Function and Structure in Lead Poisoning
Sahin, A; Iskender, H; Terim, Kapakin KA; Altinkaynak, K; Hayirli, A; Gonultas, A; Kaynar, O

· Study on the Efficiency of Grape Seed Meals Used as Antioxidants in Layer Diets Enriched with Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids Compared with Vitamin E
Olteanu, M; Criste, RD; Panaite, TD; Bunduc, V; Panaite, CV; Ropota, M; Mitoi, M

· The Effects of Dietary Flavonoid Supplementation on the Antioxidant Status of Laying Hens
Iskender, H; Yenice, G; Dokumacioglu, E; Kaynar, O; Hayirli, A; Kaya, A

· Dietary Supplementation of Barbatimão (Stryphnodendron Adstringens) and Pacari (Lafoensia Pacari) Extracts on the Oxidative Stability and Quality of Chicken Meat
Lima, CB; Migotto, DL; Oliveira, GR; Souza, TC; Santana, RO; Castejon, FV; Tanure, CBGS; Santana, AP; Stringhini, JH; Racanicci, AMC

· Carcass Traits and Immune Response of Broiler Chickens Fed Dietary L-Carnitine, Coenzyme Q10 and Ractopamine
Asadi, H; Sadeghi, AA; Eila, N; Aminafshar, M

· Effect of Stocking Density on the Performance and Immunity of 1- to 14-d- Old Broiler Chicks
Qaid, M; Albatshan, H; Shafey, T; Hussein, E; Abudabos, AM

· DNA Profiles of Salmonella Spp. Isolated from Chicken Products and From Broiler and Human Feces
Tejada, TS; Silva, CSJ; Lopes, NA; Silva, DT; Agostinetto, A; Silva, EF; Menezes, DB; Timm, CD

· Screening of Feral Pigeons (Columba livia) for Pathogens of Veterinary and Medical Importance
Ferreira, VL; Dias, RA; Raso, TF

· Performance, Intestinal Morphology and Microbiology of Broiler Chickens Fed Egg Powder in the Starter Diet
Esmailzadeh, L; Shivazad, M; Sadeghi, AA; Karimitorshizi, M

· Biochemical Parameters and Histopathological Findings in the Forced Molt Laying Hens
Mert, N; Yildirim, BA

· Incorporation of Labeled Methionine as a Tissue Tracer in Broiler Chickens
Stradiotti, AC; Bendassolli, JA; Ducatti, C; Sartori, JR; Pelícia, VC; Araujo, PC; Maruno, MK; Pezzato, AC

· Addition of Amylase from Aspergillus Awamori to the Diet of Broiler Chickens
Morgado, HS; Cysneiros, CSS; Sousa, CM; Stringhini, JH; Ulhoa, CJ; Silva, AS; Fabino Neto, R; Freitas, PVDX; Oliveira, HP; Batista, LHC

Technical Note
· Growth Performance and Fatty Acid Profiles of Broilers Given Diets Supplemented with Fermented Red Ginseng Marc Powder Combined with Red Koji
Chung, TH; Choi, IH

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