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Revista Brasileira de Ciência Avícola, v.17, n.4 (2015)


A Revista Brasileira de Ciência Avícola (Brazilian Journal of Poultry Science) é uma revista científica publicada sob a coordenação da Comissão de Publicação da Fundação APINCO de Ciência e Tecnologia Avícolas.

Tem como objetivo publicar artigos completos, científicos, técnicos e artigos de revisão, na área de Ciência Avícola.

Rev. Bras. Cienc. Avic. vol.17 no.4 Campinas out./dez. 2015

· A Review of Approaches Targeting the Replacement of Coccidiostat Application in Poultry Production
Barbour, EK; Ayyash, DB; Iyer, A; Harakeh, S; Kumosani, T

· Effects of Coriander Essential Oil on the Performance, Blood Characteristics, Intestinal Microbiota and Histological of Broilers
Ghazanfari, S; Mohammadi, Z; Adib Moradi, M

· In-Vitro Adhesion and Invasion Properties of Salmonella Typhimurium Competing with Bacteriophage in Epithelial Cells and Chicken Macrophages
Lee, HY; Biswas, D; Ahn, J

· The Influence of Probiotic Bacteria (Bacillus Toyoi) on Livability and Performance of Young Meat-Type Turkeys
Batkowska, J; Brodacki, A; Tomczyk, G

· Turkey Wattle Temperature Response to Distinct Environmental Factors
Mendes, AS; Moura, DJ; Morello, GM; Carvalho, TMR; Sikorski, RR

· Prevalence of Shiga Toxin-Producing and Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli in Wild and Pet Birds in Iran
Koochakzadeh, A; Askari Badouei, M; Zahraei Salehi, T; Aghasharif, S; Soltani, M; Ehsan, MR

· Molecular Diagnosis of Beak and Feather Disease in Native Brazilian Psittacines
Araújo, AV; Andery, DA; Ferreira Jr., FC; Ortiz, MC; Marques, MVR; Marin, SY; Vilela, DAR; Resende, JS; Resende, M; Donatti, RV; Martins, NRS

· Beauveria Bassiana Applied to Broiler Chicken Houses as Biocontrol of Alphitobius Diaperinus Panzer (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae), an Avian Pathogens Vector
Alves, LFA; Oliveira, DGP; Lambkin, T; Bonini, AK; Alves, V; Pinto, FGS; Scur, MC

· Productive, Qualitative, and Physiological Aspects of Layer Hens Fed with Propolis
Belloni, M; Almeida Paz, ICL; Nääs, IA; Alves, MCF; Garcia, RG; Caldara, FR; Seno, LO

· Managing Colllinearity in Modeling the Effect of Age in the Prediction of Egg Components of Laying Hens Using Stepwise and Ridge Regression Analysis
Shafey, TM; Hussein, ES; Mahmoud, AH; Abouheif, MA; Al-Batshan, HA

· Digestible Lysine on Live Performance of Chicken Type Naked Neck During the Starter Phase
Oliveira, RG de; Pinheiro, SRF; Castro, MR de; Vieira, DJ; Pires, AV; Abreu, LRA de

· Dietary Supplementation of Alternative Methionine and Choline Sources in the Organic Broiler Production in Brazil
Demattê Filho, LC; Pereira DC de, O; Possamai, E

· Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in IGFBP-2 Gene and Their Associations with Body Weight Traits on Jinghai Yellow Chicken
Zhao, XH; Li, MY; Xu, SS; Liu, GJ

· Effects of Non-phytate Phosphorus and 1a-Hydroxycholecalciferol on Growth Performance, Bone Mineralization, and Carcass Traits of Broiler Chickens
Han, JC; Ma, K; Wang, JG; Chen, GH; Zhang, JL; Qu, HX; Yan, YF; Cheng, YH

· Behavior of Layers under Different Light Sources
Tavares, BO; Pereira, DF; Bueno, LGF; Silva, GF

· Values of Metabolizable Energy and Metabolization of Nutrients for Slow- and Fast-growing Birds at Different Ages
Santos, FR; Stringhini, JH; Oliveira, PR; Duarte, EF; Minafra, CS; Café, MB

· Development and Performance of a Mechanical Egg Collection System Versus the Hand-Operated Dutch Nest
Pilotto, F; Ribeiro, AML; Cargnelutti Filho, A; Klein, VA

· Mercury Bioaccumulation in Eggs of Hens Experimentally Intoxicated with Methylmercury Chloride and Detoxified with a Humic-Aluminosilicate Preparation
Barej, R; Dobrzański, Z; Popiela-Pleban, E; Bubel, F; Polak-Juszczak, L

· An Intelligent Procedure for the Detection and Classification of Chickens Infected by Clostridium Perfringens Based on their Vocalization
Sadeghi, M; Banakar, A; Khazaee, M; Soleimani, MR

· Serotypes of Salmonella in Broiler Carcasses Marketed at Ibague, Colombia.
Rodriguez, JM; Rondón, IS; Verjan, N

· Performance of Broilers Reared under Monochromatic Light Emitting Diode Supplemental Lighting
Guevara, BDM; Pech, PS; Zamora, BR; Navarrete, SLF; Magaña, SHF

· Effects of Heat Stress on the Daily Behavior of Wenchang Chickens
Li, M; Wu, J; Chen, Z

· Effect of Different Zilpaterol Hydrochloride Levels and Feeding Methods on the Growth Performance, Carcass Traits and Blood Parameters of Male Japanese Quails During Two Weeks of the Finishing Period
Mohammadi-Arekhlo, M; Towhidi, A; Moravej, H; Sharafi, M

· The Effects of Two Different Cleaning and Disinfection Programs on Broiler Performance and Microbiological Status of Broiler Houses
Burbarelli, MFC; Merseguel, CEB; Ribeiro, PAP; Lelis, KD; Polycarpo, GV; Carão, ACP; Bordin, RA; Fernandes, AM; Souza, RLM; Moro, MEG; Albuquerque, R

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