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Revista Brasileira de Ciência Avícola, v.16, n.4 (2014)


A Revista Brasileira de Ciência Avícola (Brazilian Journal of Poultry Science) é uma revista científica publicada sob a coordenação da Comissão de Publicação da Fundação APINCO de Ciência e Tecnologia Avícolas.

Tem como objetivo publicar artigos completos, científicos, técnicos e artigos de revisão, na área de Ciência Avícola.

Rev. Bras. Cienc. Avic. vol.16 no.4 Campinas out./dez. 2014

Influence of artificial lighting on the performance and egg quality of commercial layers: a review
Jácome, IMTD; Rossi, LA; Borille, R

Corn replacement by broken rice in meat-type quail diets
Filgueira, TMB; Freitas, ER; Quevedo Filho, IB; Fernandes, DR; Watanabe, PH; Oliveira, AN de

Mixed crude glycerin in laying hen diets: live performance and egg quality and fatty acid profile
Duarte, CRA; Murakami, AE; Boso, KMO; Eyng, C; Ospina-Rojas, IC; Matumoto-Pintro, PT

Pathological, immunohistochemical, and molecular findings in commercial laying hens and in backyard chickens naturally infected with the infectious laryngotracheitis virus
Preis, IS; Fiúza, ATL; Silva, CC; Braga, JFV; Couto, RM; Martins, NR da S; Ecco, R

Impact of particle size, thermal processing, fat inclusion, and moisture addition on starch gelatinization of broiler feeds
Muramatsu, K; Maiorka, A; Dahlke, F; Lopes, AS; Pasche, M

Correlations between endogen amylin hormone and some hormonal, biochemical and bone parameters in pullets
Guzel, S; Gunes, N

Effect of dietary energy concentration on performance parameters and egg quality of white leghorn laying hens
Ribeiro, PAP; Matos Jr, JB; Lara, LJC; Araújo, LF; Albuquerque, R; Baião, NC

Sources of trophic action on performance and intestinal morphometry of broiler chickens vaccinated against coccidiosis
Sakamoto, MI; Faria, DE; Nakagi, VS; Murakami, AE

Feeding management strategy for male broiler breeders and its effects on body weight, hatchability and fertility
Silveira, MM; Freitas, AG de; Moraes, CA; Gomes, FS; Litz, FH; Martins, JMS; Fagundes, NS; Fernandes, EA

Comparing the profitability of organic and conventional broiler production
Cobanoglu, F; Kucukyilmaz, K; Cinar, M; Bozkurt, M; Catli, AU; Bintas, E

Metabolizable energy of different glycerine sources derived from national biodiesel production for broilers
Zavarize, KC; Menten, JFM; Pereira, R; Freitas, LW; Romano, GG; Bernardino, M; Rosa, AS

Intestinal integrity and performance of broiler chickens fed a probiotic, a prebiotic, or an organic acid
Fernandes, BCS; Martins, MRFB; Mendes, AA; Milbradt, EL; Sanfelice, C; Martins, BB; Aguiar, EF; Bresne, C

Effects of dietary lysine on broiler performance and carcass yield – meta-analysis
Mendes, AS; Api, I; Silva, L; Silva, RTL; Sausen, L; Menezes, LFG; Morello, GM; Carvalho, EH

Options, challenges and potentials of poultry meat: an empirical investigation on european consumers
Vukasović, T

Energy utilization of by-products from the soybean oil industry by broiler chickens: acidulated soapstock, lecithin, glycerol and their mixture
Peña, JEM; Vieira, SL; Borsatti, L; Pontin, C; Rios, HV

Performance and carcass yield of broilers supplemented with plant extract during the finisher phase
Carlos, TCF; Barbosa, LCGS; Polycarpo, GV; Afonso, ER; Utimi, NBP; Bortolato, C; Araújo, CSS; Araújo, LF

Feeding high-moisture corn grain silage to broilers fed alternative diets and maintained at different environmental temperatures
Cruz-Polycarpo, VC; Sartori, JR; Gonçalves, JC; Pinheiro, DF; Madeira, LA; Polycarpo, GV; Zanetti, LH; Santos, TS; Pezzato, AC

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