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Revista Brasileira de Ciência Avícola, v.14, n.4 (2012)


A Revista Brasileira de Ciência Avícola (Brazilian Journal of Poultry Science) é uma revista científica publicada sob a coordenação da Comissão de Publicação da Fundação APINCO de Ciência e Tecnologia Avícolas.

Tem como objetivo publicar artigos completos, científicos, técnicos e artigos de revisão, na área de Ciência Avícola.

Rev. Bras. Cienc. Avic. vol.14 no.4 Campinas out./dez. 2012

Overview on the performance of Brazilian broilers (1990 to 2009)
Patricio, IS; Mendes, AA; Ramos, AA; Pereira, DF

Effects of the reduction or withdrawal of the vitamin premix from the diet on chicken performance and meat quality
Moravej, H; Alahyari, SM; Shivazad, M

Effects of inverting the position of layers eggs during storage on hatchery performance parameters
Lima, JCS de; Silva, PL; Coelho, LR; Borges, MS; Freitas, AG de; Fonseca, BB

Effects of lysine levels of diets formulated based on total or digestible amino acids on broiler carcass composition
Nasr, J; Kheiri, F

Effects of levamisole hydrochloride on cellular immune response and flock performance of commercial broilers
Oladele, OA; Emikpe, BO; Adeyefa, CAO; Enibe, F

Effects of dietary arginine supplementation on broiler breeder egg production and hatchability
Silva, LMGS; Murakami, AE; Fernandes, JIM; Dalla Rosa, D; Urgnani, JF

Multi-criteria analysis of the influence of rearing, equipment, and catching management practices on the Incidence of back scratches in broilers
Pilecco, M; Almeida Paz, IC de L; Tabaldi, LA; Nääs, IA; Garcia, RG; Caldara, FR; Andrela, GO

Effects of boric acid and humate supplementation on performance and egg quality parameters of laying hens
Hakan, KB; Gultekin, Y; Ozge, S

Effect of dietary supplementation of marigold pigment on immunity, skin and meat color, and growth performance of broiler chickens
Rajput, N; Naeem, M; Ali, S; Rui, Y; Tian, W

Crude protein equivalence value of a multi-enzyme product for 28- and 42-day-old broilers
Malakzadegan, A; Zaghari, M; Khalaji, S; Shivazad, M

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