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Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz, v.100, supl. 01 (2005)


Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz é uma revista internacional de pesquisas biológicas e biomédicas publicada pelo Instituto Oswaldo Cruz, que aceita contribuições originais de cientistas e pesquisadores de todo o mundo. O periódico publica anualmente 12 números regulares.

Fundada em 1909, fruto dos ideais visionários e esforço dedicado do próprio Oswaldo Cruz, a revista é hoje uma das publicações mais citadas da América Latina.

Mem. Inst. Oswaldo Cruz v.100  supl.1 Rio de Janeiro mar. 2005


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Nitric oxide as a regulator of inflammatory processes
Wallace, John L

Nitric oxidea major determinant of mast cell phenotype and function
McCauley, SDGilchrist, MBefus, AD

Regulation of endothelial derived nitric oxide in health and disease
Sessa, William C

Nitric oxide paradox in asthma
Keller, Alexandre CastroRodriguez, DuniaRusso, Momtchilo

Nitric oxide synthase activity and endogenous inhibitors in rats recovered from allergic encephalomyelitis
Teixeira, SAVarriano, AADias, AAMartins Porto, RMuscará, MN

The pathogenesis of diabetic complicationsthe role of DNA injury and poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase activation in peroxynitrite-mediated cytotoxicity
Kiss, LeventeSzabó, Csaba

An overview of the effects of annexin 1 on cells involved in the inflammatory process
Kamal, Ahmad MFlower, Roderick JPerretti, Mauro

New insights into the anti-inflammatory actions of aspirin- induction of nitric oxide through the generation of epi-lipoxins
Gilroy, Derek W

Lipoxin agoniststurn right! to path of resolving neutrophil
Devchand, Pallavi R

The balance between the production of tumor necrosis factor-a and interleukin-10 determines tissue injury and lethality during intestinal ischemia and reperfusion
Souza, Danielle GTeixeira, Mauro M

Nitric oxide and the resolution of inflammationimplications for atherosclerosis
Shaw, Catherine ATaylor, Emma LMegson, Ian LRossi, Adriano G

Mechanisms of eosinophil cytokine release
Bandeira-Melo, ChristianneWeller, Peter F

Regulating inflammation through the anti-inflammatory enzyme platelet-activating factor-acetylhydrolase
Castro Faria Neto, Hugo CStafforini, Diana MPrescott, Stephen MZimmerman, Guy A

CC-chemokine receptorsa potential therapeutic target for Trypanosoma cruzi-elicited myocarditis
Marino, APMPSilva, AASantos, PVAPinto, LMOGazinelli, RTTeixeira, MMLannes-Vieira, J

Mechanisms for suppressing NADPH oxidase in the vascular wall
Dusting, Gregory JSelemidis, StavrosJiang, Fan

Hemopressina novel bioactive peptide derived from the a1-chain of hemoglobin
Dale, Camila SquarzoniPagano, Rosana de LimaRioli, Vanessa

Lymphatic vessel contractile activity and intestinal inflammation
Wu, Theresa FMacNaughton, Wallace Kvon der Weid, Pierre-Yves

P2X1 receptors and the endothelium
Harrington, LSMitchell, JA

Mechanisms of leukocyte lipid body formation and function in inflammation
Bozza, Patrícia TBandeira-Melo, Christianne

Mast cell changes in experimental diabetesfocus on attenuation of allergic events
Carvalho, Vinicius FBarreto, Emiliano OCordeiro, Renato SBLagente, VincentMartins, Marco Ae Silva, Patrícia MR

Thymus involution in alloxan diabetesanalysis of mast cells
Barreto, EORiederer, IArantes, ACSCarvalho, VFFarias-Filho, FACordeiro, RSBMartins, MASavino, We Silva, PMR

Selective PDE4 inhibitors as potent anti-inflammatory drugs for the treatment of airway diseases
Lagente, VincentMartin-Chouly, CorinneBoichot, ElisabethMartins, Marco ASilva, Patrica MR

The role of interferon-g on immune and allergic responses
Teixeira, Leonardo KFonseca, Bruna PFBarboza, Bianca AViola, João PB

Regulation of stem cell factor expression in inflammation and asthma
Da Silva, Carla AFrossard, Nelly

Selective suppression of leukocyte recruitment in allergic inflammation
Weller, CLJose, PJWilliams, TJ

Local anaesthetic medication for the treatment of asthma
Siqueira, Rodrigo ACosta, Jorge CSCordeiro, Renato SBSerra, Magda Fe Silva, Patrícia MRMartins, Marco A

Macrophage elastase (MMP-12)a pro-inflammatory mediator?
Nénan, SoazigBoichot, ElisabethLagente, VincentBertrand, Claude P

Protease-activated receptors and inflammatory hyperalgesia
Vergnolle, Nathalie

Role of protease-activated receptor-2 in inflammation, and its possible implications as a putative mediator of periodontitis
Holzhausen, MSpolidorio, LCVergnolle, N

Inflammatory effects of snake venom metalloproteinases
Teixeira, Catarina de Fátima PereiraFernandes, Cristina MariaZuliani, Juliana PavanZamuner, Silvia Fernanda

Immunopathology of giardiasisthe role of lymphocytes in intestinal epithelial injury and malfunction
Buret, AG

Neutrophil transepithelial migrationrole of toll-like receptors in mucosal inflammation
Reaves, Titus AChin, Alex CParkos, Charles A

Epithelial cell signaling responses to enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli infection
Ceponis, Peter JMRiff, Jason DSherman, Philip M

Good bug, bad bugin the case of enteric inflammatory disease does the epithelium decide?
McKay, Derek M

Epithelial effects of proteinase-activated receptors in the gastrointestinal tract
MacNaughton, Wallace K

Beyond sepsis pathophysiology with cytokineswhat is their value as biomarkers for disease severity?
Bozza, Fernando ABozza, Patrícia TCastro Faria Neto, Hugo C

Failure of neutrophil migration toward infectious focus in severe sepsisa critical event for the outcome of this syndrome
Alves-Filho, José CarlosBenjamim, ClaudiaTavares-Murta, Beatriz MartinsCunha, Fernando Q

Heme and innate immunitynew insights for an old molecule
Arruda, Maria AugustaGraça-Souza, Aurélio VBarja-Fidalgo, Christina

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