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Latin American Journal of Solids and Structures, v.14, n.06 (2017)


A Revista Latino-Americana de Sólidos e Estruturas é um fórum para publicação e divulgação de trabalhos originais relacionados às ciências da engenharia mecânica e civil.

Lat. Am. j. solids struct. vol.14 no.6 Rio de Janeiro jun. 2017

· Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the Dynamic Behavior of Clamped Thin Panel Subjected to Underwater Impulsive Loading
Ren, Peng; Zhou, Jiaqi; Tian, Ali; Zhang, Wei; Huang, Wei

· A Two-Surface Viscoplastic Model for the Structural Steel
Kim, Dong-Keon; Kim, Jinkyu

· Imposition of Dirichlet Boundary Conditions in Element Free Galerkin Method through an Object-Oriented Implementation
Hosseini, Samira; Malekan, Mohammad; Pitangueira, Roque L. S.; Silva, Ramon P.

· Robust Optimal Adaptive Trajectory Tracking Control of Quadrotor Helicopter
Navabi, M.; Mirzaei, H.

· Experimental and Numerical Study on the Dispersion Patterns and Penetration Properties of MEFP with Seven Arc-Cone Liners
Liu, JianFeng; Long, Yuan; Ji, Chong; Zhong, Mingshou; Liu, Ying; Li, Xinghua

· An Empirical Study on Ballistic Resistance of Sandwich Targets with Aluminum Facesheets and Composite Core
Alavi Nia, A.; Ranjbarzadeh, H.; Kazemi, M.

· Structural Analysis of the Double Bottom Structure During Ship Grounding by Finite Element Approach
Prabowo, Aditya Rio; Cao, Bo; Bae, Dong Myung; Bae, Sung Yong; Zakki, Ahmad Fauzan; Sohn, Jung Min

· Characterization of Fiber Reinforced Self-Consolidating Mortars for Use in Patching Damaged Concrete
Benyahia, Amar; Ghrici, Mohammed; Choucha, Said; Omran, Ahmed

· Continuum Structural Layout in Consideration of the Balance of the Safety and the Properties of Structures
Wang, Hongxin; Liu, Jie; Qian, Xiuyang; Fan, Xiaonan; Wen, Guilin

· Practical Approaches of Inducing Controlled Simulated Resin Starvation Areas into Vacuum Infusion Processed Sandwich Composites Used for Characterisation of the Surface Defects and their Outcomes
Dehghanian, Ali; Khedmati, Mohammad Reza; Ghassemi, Hassan

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