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Latin American Journal of Solids and Structures, v.13, n.07 (2016)


A Revista Latino-Americana de Sólidos e Estruturas é um fórum para publicação e divulgação de trabalhos originais relacionados às ciências da engenharia mecânica e civil.

Lat. Am. j. solids struct. vol.13 no.7 Rio de Janeiro jul. 2016

· Study of Vibrations in a Short-Span Bridge Under Resonance Conditions Considering Train-Track Interaction
Ribes-Llario, Fran; Velarte-Gonzalez, Jose Luis; Perez-Garnes, Jose Luis; Real-Herráiz, Julia Irene

· Analytical Approximation of Nonlinear Vibration of Euler-Bernoulli Beams
Jafari, S.S.; Rashidi, M.M.; Johnson, S.

· Free Vibration Analysis of a Liquid in a Circular Cylindrical Rigid Tank Using the Hierarchical Finite Element Method
Cherif, Sidi Mohammed Hamza; Ouissi, Mohammed Nabil

· Simplified Analytical Approach to Evaluate the Nonlinear Dynamics of Elastic Cylindrical Shells Under Lateral Blast Loads
Ameijeiras, Mariano P.; Godoy, Luis A.

· Reflection and Refraction of Waves at the Boundary of a Non-Viscous Porous Solid Saturated with Single Fluid and a Porous Solid Saturated with Two Immiscible Fluids
Kumar, M.; Saini, R.

· A Doubly Curved Axisymmetric Finite Element for Subsea Sandwich Domes
Prabha, C.; Nandakumar, C. G.

· Time-Domain Three Dimensional BE-FE Method for Transient Response of Floating Structures Under Unsteady Loads
Ismail, R. E. S.

· Numerical Study on the Structural Performance of Steel Beams with Slant End-plate Connections
Zahmatkesh, Farshad; Osman, Mohd. H.; Talebi, Elnaz; Kueh, Ahmad B.H.; Tahir, Mahmood. Md.

· Topological and Topographical Optimization of Automotive Spring Lower Seat
Kong, Y.S.; Abdullah, S.; Omar, M.Z.; Haris, S.M.

· Enhanced Biogeography-based Optimization: A New Method for Size and Shape Optimization of Truss Structures with Natural Frequency Constraints
Taheri, Seyed Heja Seyed; Jalili, Shahin

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