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Latin American Journal of Solids and Structures, v.12, n.12 (2015)


A Revista Latino-Americana de Sólidos e Estruturas é um fórum para publicação e divulgação de trabalhos originais relacionados às ciências da engenharia mecânica e civil.

Lat. Am. j. solids struct. vol.12 no.12 Rio de Janeiro dez. 2015

· Determination of the Appropriate Gradient Elasticity Theory for Bending Analysis of Nano-beams by Considering Boundary Conditions Effect
Shokrieh, Mahmood Mehrdad; Zibaei, Iman

· Buckling and Vibration of Functionally Graded Non-uniform Circular Plates Resting on Winkler Foundation
Lal, Roshan; Ahlawat, Neha

· Vibration and Energy Dissipation of Nanocomposite Laminates for Below Ballistic Impact Loading
Balaganesan, G.; Velmurugan, R.

· High Order Impact Elastic Analysis of Circular Thick Cylindrical Sandwich Panels Subjected to Multi-mass Impacts
Fard, K. Malekzadeh; Ghorghabad, A. Veisi; Azarnia, A. H.; Ghasemi, Faramarz Ashenai

· Early Structural Damage Assessment by Using an Improved Frequency Evaluation Algorithm
Gillich, Gilbert-Rainer; Maia, Nuno M. M.; Mituletu, Ion-Cornel; Praisach, Zeno-Iosif; Tufoi, Marius; Negru, Ionica

· Assessment of Redundancy Factors for the Seismic Design of Special Moment Resisting Reinforced Concrete Frames
Tena-Colunga, Arturo; Cortés-Benítez, José Antonio

· A Note on the Inverse Reconstruction of Residual Fields in Surface Peened Plates
Faghidian, S. Ali

· The Response of Clamped Shallow Sandwich Arches with Metallic Foam Cores to Projectile Impact Loading
Fan, Yanping; Xie, Qinghai; Li, Zhiqiang; Wang, Zhihua; Zhao, Longmao

· Damage Detection Using Measurement Response Data of Beam Structure Subject to a Moving Mass
Lee, Eun-Taik; Eun, Hee-Chang

· Control of a Support Excitation Smart Beam Subjected to a Follower Force with Piezoelectric Sensors/Actuators
Azadi, Mohammad; Azadi, Emad; Fazelzadeh, S. Ahmad

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