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Journal of Microwaves, Optoelectronics and Electromagnetic Applications, v.17, n.1 (2018)

O Journal of Microwaves, Optoelectronics and Electromagnetic Applications (JMOe) é uma revista científica publicada pelas associações científicas “Sociedade Brasileira de Micro-ondas e Optoeletrônica” (SBMO) e “Sociedade Brasileira de Eletromagnetismo” (SBMag). É uma publicação totalmente eletrônica (não é impressa), cujo objetivo é o de disseminar o conhecimento técnico e científico das áreas de Micro-ondas, Optoeletrônica e Eletromagnetismo Aplicado.

J. Microw. Optoelectron. Electromagn. Appl. vol.17 no.1 São Caetano do Sul mar. 2018

· Performance Analysis of Probe-Fed Circularly-Polarized Moderately-Thick Microstrip Antennas Designed under the Null Reactance Condition
Nascimento, D. C.; Fabiani, B. M.; Lacava, J. C. S.

· A Hybrid Approach for Assessments of Equivalent Emission Sources and Electromagnetic Environments
Cardia, D. V. F.; Sartori, C. A. F.; Muylaert, R. P. B.

· Microstrip Hybrid Coupler with a Wide Stop-Band Using Symmetric Structure for Wireless Applications
Rezaei, A.; Noori, L.

· Analysis of the Propagation Properties of 90°-bend Periodic Segmented Waveguides Using the 2D Finite Element Method
Rubio-Mercedes, C. E.; Rodríguez-Esquerre, V. F.; Lima Jr., I. T.; Hernández-Figueroa, H. E.

· Extremely high Faraday and Kerr rotations and extraordinary optical transmission in four-layer dielectric-metal strips-dielectric-Bi:YIG planar structure
Dmitriev, Victor; Santos, C. M.; Nascimento, C.

· Polarization Insensitive Compact Wide Stop-band Frequency Selective Surface
Sood, D.; Tripathi, C. C.

· Adaptive Modulation and Code Strategy to Reduce Energy Consumption in Elastic Optical Network
Bandiri, S. Y. M.; Pimenta, T. C.; Spadoti, D. H.

· Use of a combined SVD-Kalman filter approach for induction motor broken rotor bars identification
Azouzi, K.; Boudinar, A. H.; Aimer, F. A.; Bendiabdellah, A.

· Characterization of Switchable Rectangular Ring FSS with Non Coupled Parallel Metallic Strips for Multi Band and Dual Polarized Applications Using WCIP Method
Saidi, R.; Titaouine, M.; Djouimaa, A.; Sousa, T. R.; Gomes Neto, A.; Bencherif, K.; Baudrand, H.

· Analytical Approach for Making Multilayer and Inhomogeneous Structures Invisible Based on Mantle Cloak
Mizuji, E. G.; Abdolali, A.; Aghamohamadi, F.

· Sharp Rejection and Wide Stopband Microstrip Lowpass Filters using Complementary Split Ring Resonators
da Costa, I. F.; Campos, A. L. P. S.; Gomes Neto, A.

· Novel Design of Photonic Digital Sensors for Distinguishing Uniformly-Distributed Refractive Indices of Fluids
Lu, R.-C.; Lee, K.-Y.

· Dual-Port Dual-Wideband Annular Slot Antenna with Stable Unidirectional Pattern
Farias, R. L.; Lemes, D. L.; Vieira, J. M.; Heckler, M. V. T.; Salazar, A. F. T.

· Millimeter Wave Antenna for Intelligent Transportation Systems Application
Kishore, N.; Upadhyay, G.; Prakash, A.; Tripathi, V. S.

· Propagation Model for Path Loss Through Vegetated Environments at 700 – 800 MHz Band
Silva, J. C.; Siqueira, G. L.; Castellanos, P. V. G.

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