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Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering, v.29, n.4 (2012)

A Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering é uma publicação trimestral da Associação Brasileira de Engenharia Química (ABEQ), que objetiva divulgar trabalhos relacionados à pesquisa básica e aplicada e à inovação no campo da engenharia química e demais áreas relacionadas.

A revista é editada em inglês. O uso do título abreviado Braz. J. Chem. Eng. é recomendado quando da citação da revista em notas de rodapé, bibliografias, referências e legendas bibliográficas.

Braz. J. Chem. Eng. vol.29 no.3 São Paulo jul./set. 2012

Bioprocess Engineering
· Comparison between continuous and batch processing to produce xylanase by penicillium canescens 10-10c
Bakri, Y.; Akeed, Y.; Thonart, P.

· Effects of process variables and additives on mustard oil hydrolysis by porcine pancreas lipase
Goswami, D.; De, S.; Basu, J. K.

· Study on fermentation conditions of palm juice vinegar by response surface methodology and development of a kinetic model
Ghosh, S.; Chakraborty, R.; Chatterjee, G.; Raychaudhuri, U.

· Application of enzymes in leather processing: a comparison between chemical and coenzymatic processes
Souza, F. R. de; Gutterres, M.

· Renewable resources for biosurfactant production by yarrowia lipolytica
Fontes, G. C.; Ramos, N. M.; Amaral, P. F. F.; Nele, M.; Coelho, M. A. Z.

Environmental Engineering
· Improvement of the flocculation process in water treatment by using moringa oleifera seeds extract
Sánchez-Martín, J.; Beltrán-Heredia, J.; Peres, J. A.

Fluid Dynamics; Heat and Mass Transfer; and Other Topics
· Effect of quinoa and potato flours on the thermomechanical and breadmaking properties ofwheat flour
Rodriguez-Sandoval, E.; Sandoval, G.; Cortes-Rodríguez, M.

· Second law analysis for free convection in non-newtonian fluids over a horizontal plate embedded in a porous medium: (prescribed heat flux)
Khan, W. A.; Gorla, R. S. R.

Kinetics and Catalysis; Reaction Enginneering; and Materials Science
· Antiwear and antioxidant studies of cardanol phosphate ester additives
Mazzetto, S. E.; Oliveira, L. D. M.; Lomonaco, D.; Veloso, P. A.

· Organophilic bentonites based on argentinean and Brazilian bentonites: Part 1: influence of intrinsic properties of sodium bentonites on the final properties of organophilic bentonites prepared by solid-liquid and semisolid reactions
Paiva, L. B.; Morales, A. R.

Process Systems Engineering
· Relationship of lambda and overshoot of step response for a direct synthesis PI controller
Tan, L. W.; Raja Ahmad, R. K.; Ibrahim, M. N.; Taip, F. S.

· Introducing a new formula based on an artificial neural network for prediction of droplet size in venturi scrubbers
Sharifi, A.; Mohebbi, A.

· CFD-optimization algorithm to optimize the energy transport in pultruded polymer composites
Santos, L. S.; Biscaia Jr., E. C.; Pagano, R. L.; Calado, V. M. A.

· Mathematical modeling of a three-phase trickle bed reactor
Silva, J. D.; Abreu, C. A. M.

Separation Processes
· Solvent recovery from soybean oil/n-hexane mixtures using hollow fiber membrane
Tres, M. V.; Nobrega, R.; Carvalho, R. B.; Oliveira, J. V.; Luccio, M. Di

· Extraction of oil and minor lipids from cold-press rapeseed cake with supercritical CO2
Uquiche, E.; Romero, V.; Ortíz, J.; del Valle, J. M.

· Effective transport properties for the pyridine-granular activated carbon adsorption system
Baz-Rodríguez, S. A.; Ocampo-Pérez, R.; Ruelas-Leyva, J. P.; Aguilar-Madera, C. G.

· Experimental study of lactose hydrolysis and separation in cstr-uf membrane reactor
Namvar-Mahboub, M.; Pakizeh, M.

· Characterization and use of in natura and calcined rice husks for biosorption of heavy metals ions from aqueous effluents
Vieira, M. G. A.; Almeida Neto, A. F. de; Silva, M. G. Carlos da; Nóbrega, C. C.; Melo Filho, A. A.

· Comparison of adsorption equilibrium and kinetic models for a case study of pharmaceutical active ingredient adsorption from fermentation broths: parameter determination, simulation, sensitivity analysis and optimization
Likozar, B.; Senica, D.; Pavko, A.

· Viscosities and viscosity deviations of binary mixtures of biodiesel + petrodiesel (or n-hexadecane) at different temperatures
Mesquita, F. M. R.; Feitosa, F. X.; Carmo, F. R. do; Santiago-Aguiar, R. S. de; Sant’Ana, H. B. de

· Investigation of asphaltene precipitation in miscible gas injection processes: experimental study and modeling
Moradi, S.; Dabiri, M.; Dabir, B.; Rashtchian, D.; Emadi, M. A.

· Safety study of an experimental apparatus for extraction with supercritical CO2
Soares, V. B.; Coelho, G. L. V.

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