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Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering, v.29, n.1 (2012)

A Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering é uma publicação trimestral da Associação Brasileira de Engenharia Química (ABEQ), que objetiva divulgar trabalhos relacionados à pesquisa básica e aplicada e à inovação no campo da engenharia química e demais áreas relacionadas.

A revista é editada em inglês. O uso do título abreviado Braz. J. Chem. Eng. é recomendado quando da citação da revista em notas de rodapé, bibliografias, referências e legendas bibliográficas.

Braz. J. Chem. Eng. vol.29 no.1 São Paulo jan./mar. 2012

· Use of ionic liquids in biodiesel production: a review
Andreani, L.; Rocha, J. D.

Bioprocess Engineering
· Optimization of the immobilization process of β-galatosidade by combined entrapment-cross-linking and the kinetics of lactose hydrolysis
Freitas, F. F.; Marquez, L. D. S.; Ribeiro, G. P.; Brandão, G. C.; Cardoso, V. L.; Ribeiro, E. J.

· Phenolic content, antioxidant activity and antiamylolytic activity of extracts obtained from bioprocessed pineapple and guava wastes
Sousa, B. A.; Correia, R. T. P.

· Sugar cane bagasse prehydrolysis using hot water
Abril, D.; Medina, M.; Abril, A.

· Physico-chemical, spectroscopical and thermal characterization of biodiesel obtained by enzymatic route as a tool to select the most efficient immobilized lipase
Silva, G. A. M.; Da Rós, P. C. M.; Souza, L. T. A.; Costa, A. P. O.; Castro, H. F. de

· Media optimization for β-Fructofuranosidase production by Aspergillus oryzae
Ottoni, C. A.; Cuervo-Fernández, R.; Piccoli, R. M.; Moreira, R.; Guilarte-Maresma, B.; Silva, E. Sabino da; Rodrigues, M. F. A.; Maiorano, A. E.

· Production of bioemulsifiers by Yarrowia lipolytica in sea water using diesel oil as the carbon source
Souza, F. A. S. D.; Salgueiro, A. A.; Albuquerque, C. D. C.

· Comparative evaluation of Bacillus licheniformis 5A5 and Aloe variegata milk-clotting enzymes
Ahmed, S. A.; Helmy, W. A.

Environmental Engineering
· Ex-situ bioremediation of Brazilian soil contaminated with plasticizers process wastes
Ferreira, I. D.; Morita, D. M.

· Phenol degradation in an anaerobic fluidized bed reactor packed with low density support materials
Sancinetti, G. P.; Sader, L. T.; Varesche, M. B. A.; Amorim, E. L. C.; Omena, S. P. F.; Silva, E. L.

Fluid Dynamics; Heat and Mass Transfer; and Other Topics
· Droplet dispersion angle measurements on a Pease-Antony Venturi scrubber
Puentes, N. A. G.; Guerra, V. G.; Coury, J. R.; Gonçalves, J. A. S.

· Simple model for CO2 absorption in a bubbling water column
Martínez, I.; Casas, P. A.

Kinetics and Catalysis; Reaction Enginneering; and Materials Science
· Estimating reaction constants by ab initio molecular modeling: a study on the oxidation of phenol to catechol and hydroquinone in advanced oxidation processes
Ramos, B.; Farah, J. P. S.; Teixeira, A. C. S. C.

· Preparation and properties of nanophase (Ce, Zr, Pr)O2-doped alumina coating on cordierite ceramic honeycomb for three-way catalysts
Tian, Jiuying; Lu, Jusheng

· Modeling of a three-phase reactor for bitumen-derived gas oil hydrotreating
Chacón, R.; Canale, A.; Bouza, A.; Sánchez, Y.

· Investigation into the role of NaOH and calcium ions in the synthesis of calcium phosphate nanoshells
Yeo, C. H.; Zein, S. H. S.; Ahmad, A. L.; McPhail, D. S.

Process Systems Engineering
· Computational modelling of MHD unsteady flow and heat transfer toward a flat plate with Navier slip and Newtonian heating
Makinde, O. D.

· Time-frequency analysis of Hilbert spectrum of pressure fluctuation time series in a Kenics Static Mixer based on empirical mode decomposition
Meng, Huibo; Liu, Zhiqiang; Yu, Yanfang; Wu, Jianhua

· Development of a high-order finite volume method with multiblock partition techniques
Lemos, E. M.; Secchi, A. R.; Biscaia Jr, E. C.

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