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Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering, v.28, n.3 (2011)

A Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering é uma publicação trimestral da Associação Brasileira de Engenharia Química (ABEQ), que objetiva divulgar trabalhos relacionados à pesquisa básica e aplicada e à inovação no campo da engenharia química e demais áreas relacionadas.

A revista é editada em inglês. O uso do título abreviado Braz. J. Chem. Eng. é recomendado quando da citação da revista em notas de rodapé, bibliografias, referências e legendas bibliográficas.

Braz. J. Chem. Eng. vol.28 no.3 São Paulo jul./set. 2011

· Preparation and application of chitosan nanoparticles and nanofibers
Zhao, Li-Ming; Shi, Lu-E; Zhang, Zhi-Liang; Chen, Jian-Min; Shi, Dong-Dong; Yang, Jie; Tang, Zhen-Xing

Bioprocess Engineering
· Thermal stability of the immobilized fructosyltransferase from Rhodotorula sp
Aguiar-Oliveira, E; Maugeri, F

· Hide unhairing and characterization of commercial enzymes used in leather manufacture
Dettmer, A; Ayub, M. A. Z; Gutterres, M

· Catalytic properties of immobilized tannase produced from Aspergillus aculeatus compared with the free enzyme
El-Tanash, A. B; Sherief, A. A; Nour, A

Environmental Engineering
· Photocatalytic discoloration of reactive blue 5g dye in the presence of mixed oxides and with the addition of iron and silver
Souza, M. C. P; Lenzi, G. G; Colpini, L. M. S; Jorge, L. M. M; Santos, O. A. A

· Ozonation of sediments from an urban lake: an exploratory investigation
Lage Filho, F. A; Carvalho, L. R. F; Lopes, M. L. A

· Removal of diuron and hexazinone from guarany aquifer groundwater
Di Bernardo Dantas, A.; Paschoalato, C. F. R; Martinez, M. S; Ballejo, R. R; Di Bernardo, L

· Modelling of acid mine drainage (AMD) in columns
Bernardes de Souza, C. M.; Mansur, M. B

Fluid Dynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer and Other Topics
· Effect of particle clusters on turbulence modulations in liquid flow laden with fine solid particles
Pang, Mingjun; Wei, Jinjia; Yu, Bo

· Mass transfer performance in pulsed disc and doughnut extraction columns
Torab-Mostaedi, M; Ghaemi, A; Asadollahzadeh, M; Pejmanzad, P

Kinetics and Catalysis; Reaction Enginneering; and Materials Science
· Approaches to prepare tfc polyamide membranes by coating diamine during, and/or post formation of asymmetric membranes and their performances
Joshi, R. N; Singh, K; Bhattacharya, A

· Neutral polyethylene oxide with a cofactor recommended for particle flocculation
Abdallah/Qasaimeh, M. R; Bani Hani, F; Dawagreh, A. M

· Effect of nickel and magnesium on zinc electrowinning using sulfate solutions
Lins, V. F. C; Castro, M. M. R; Araújo, C. R; Oliveira, D. B

· Dynamic and steady: shear rheological properties of xanthan and guar gums dispersed in yellow passion fruit pulp (Passiflora edulis f. flavicarpa)
Moraes, I. C. F; Fasolin, L. H; Cunha, R. L; Menegalli, F. C

· Effect of K promoter on the structure and catalytic behavior of supported iron-based catalysts in fischer-tropsch synthesis
Farias, F. E. M; Rabelo Neto, R. C; Baldanza, M. A. S; Schmal, M; Fernandes, F. A. N

Process Systems Engineering
· 3D-CFD simulation and neural network model for the j and f factors of the wavy fin-and-flat tube heat exchangers
Khoshvaght Aliabadi, M; Gholam Samani, M; Hormozi, F; Haghighi Asl, A

· Alternative fuels composed by blends of nonionic surfactant with diesel and water: engine performance and emissions
Dantas Neto, A. A; Fernandes, M. R; Barros Neto, E. L; Castro Dantas, T. N; Moura, M. C. P. A

· Modeling of the fixed – bed adsorption of carbon dioxide and a carbon dioxide – nitrogen mixture on zeolite 13X
Dantas, T. L. P; Luna, F. M. T; Silva Jr, I. J; Torres, A. E. B; de Azevedo, D. C. S.; Rodrigues, A. E; Moreira, R. F.P.M

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