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Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering, v.27, n.2 (2010)

A Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering é uma publicação trimestral da Associação Brasileira de Engenharia Química (ABEQ), que objetiva divulgar trabalhos relacionados à pesquisa básica e aplicada e à inovação no campo da engenharia química e demais áreas relacionadas.

A revista é editada em inglês. O uso do título abreviado Braz. J. Chem. Eng. é recomendado quando da citação da revista em notas de rodapé, bibliografias, referências e legendas bibliográficas.

Braz. J. Chem. Eng. vol.27 no.2 São Paulo abr./jun. 2010

· Mechanism of controlled release kinetics from medical devices
Raval, A.; Parikh, J.; Engineer, C.

· A review on carbon nanotubes in an environmental protection and green engineering perspective
Ong, Yit Thai; Ahmad, Abdul Latif; Zein, Sharif Hussein Sharif; Tan, Soon Huat

Fluid Dynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer and Other Topics
· Mass transfer coeficients in pulsed perforated-plate extraction columns
Torab-Mostaedi, M.; Safdari, J.; Ghaemi, A.

· Characterization of gas-liquid parameters in a down-flow jet loop bubble column
Mandal, Ajay

· A new aproach to characterize suspensions in stirred vessels based on computational fluid dynamics
Cekinski, E.; Giulietti, M.; Seckler, M. M.

Process System Engineering
· Optimization of water removal in the press section of a paper machine
Drummond, D. M. D.; Rodrigues, M. T. M.; Grossmann, I. E.; Guirardello, R.

Thermodynamics and Separation Processes
· Adsorption of turquoise blue QG reactive bye commercial activated carbon in batch reactor: kinetic and equilibrium studies
Schimmel, D.; Fagnani, K. C.; Santos, J. B. Oliveira dos; Barros, M. A. S. D.; Silva, E. Antonio da

· Removal of cadmium and nickel from aqueous solution using expanded perlite
Torab-Mostaedi, M.; Ghassabzadeh, H.; Ghannadi-Maragheh, M.; Ahmadi, S. J.; Taheri, H.

· Removal of corper(II) Ions from aqueous solution by a lactic acid bacterium
Yilmaz, M.; Tay, T.; Kivanc, M.; Turk, H.

· An assessment on the use of the debye-hückel equation for the thermodynamic modeling of aqueous systems containing polymers and salts
Alves, K. C.Nascimento; Pessôa Filho, P. A.

· The effect of dydrophobic modification of zelites on CO2 absorption in different solvents
Sumin, Lu; Youguang, Ma; Shuhua, Shen; Chunying, Zhu

· Kinetics and equilibrium studies of Pb2+ in removal from aqueous solutions by use of nano-silversol-coated activated carbon
Kumar, P. Senthil; Vincent, C.; Kirthika, K.; Kumar, K. Sathish

· Thermodynamic and kinetic studies of cadmium adsorption from aqueous solution onto rice husk
Kumar, P. Senthil; Ramakrishnan, K.; Kirupha, S. Dinesh; Sivanesan, S.

· Application of biowaste (waste generated in biodiesel plant) as an adsorbent for the removal of hazardous bye – methylene blue – from aqueous phase
Gottipati, R.; Mishra, S.

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