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Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering, v.26, n.2 (2009)

A Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering é uma publicação trimestral da Associação Brasileira de Engenharia Química (ABEQ), que objetiva divulgar trabalhos relacionados à pesquisa básica e aplicada e à inovação no campo da engenharia química e demais áreas relacionadas.

A revista é editada em inglês. O uso do título abreviado Braz. J. Chem. Eng. é recomendado quando da citação da revista em notas de rodapé, bibliografias, referências e legendas bibliográficas.

Braz. J. Chem. Eng. vol.26 no.2 São Paulo abr./jun. 2009

· The evolution and developments of immunosensors for health and environmental monitoring: problems and perspectives
Bojorge Ramírez, N.; Salgado, A. M.; Valdman, B.

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Bioprocess Engineering
· A comparative study of the hydrolysis of gamma irradiated lignocelluloses
Betiku, E.; Adetunji, O. A.; Ojumu, T. V.; Solomon, B. O.

· Adsorption of human immunoglobulin G to poly ( β-hydroxybutyrate) (PHB), poly (L- lactic Acid) (PLLA) and PHB/PLLA blends
Lima, M. V. S.; Duek, E. A. R; Santana, C. C.

Environmental Engineering
· Biosorption kinetics of Cd (II), Cr (III) and Pb (II) in aqueous solutions by olive stone
Calero, M.; Hernáinz, F.; Blázquez, G.; Martín-Lara, M. A.; Tenorio, G.

· Adsorption of acid blue 1 on activated carbon produced from the wood of Ailanthus altissima
Bangash, F. K.; Alam, S.

Fluid Dynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer and Other Topics
· Forced convection to laminar flow of liquid egg yolk in circular and annular ducts
Bernardi, M.; Silveira Jr., V.; Telis, V. R. N.; Gabas, A. L.; Telis-Romero, J.

· Comparative study of hydrodynamic behavior of liquid expanded bed adsorption: mathematical and short-cut methods
Jahanshahi, M.; Ghoreishi, A. A.; Vasheghani-F, E.; Khavarpour, M.; Abedijaber, A.

· A study of the porosity of gas filtration cakes
Ito, L. X.; Aguiar, M. L.

· Study of the microwave vacuum drying process for a granulated product
Berteli, M. N.; Rodier, E.; Marsaioli Jr, A.

· Modeling and experimental study of hydrodynamic and drying characteristics of an industrial rotary dryer
Fernandes, N. J.; Ataíde, C. H.; Barrozo, M. A. S.

· Experimental investigation of thermal conductivity coefficient and heat exchange between fluidized bed and inclined exchange surface
Stojanovic, B.; Janevski, J.; Stojiljkovic, M.

Kinetic and Catalysis, Reaction Engineering and Materials Science
· Bimetallic Pt-Ni catalysts supported on usy zeolite for n-hexane isomerization
Barsi, F. V.; Cardoso, D.

· Optimization of the production of ethyl esters by ultrasound assisted reaction of soybean oil and ethanol
Rodrigues, S.; Mazzone, L. C. A.; Santos, F. F. P.; Cruz, M. G. A.; Fernandes, F. A. N.

· Characterization of AlMCM-41 synthesized with rice husk silica and utilization as supports for platinumiron catalysts
Chumee, J.; Grisdanurak, N.; Neramittagapong, S.; Wittayakun, J.

· FBC desulfurization process using coal with low sulfur content, high oxidizing conditions and metamorphic limestones
Bragança, S. R.; Castellan, J. L.

Process System Engineering
· Modelling of displacement washing of packed bed of fibers
Arora, S.; Potůček, F.

· Hybrid method of solution applied to simulation of pulse chromatography
Cremasco, M. A.; Starquit, A. N.

Thermodynamics and Separation Processes
· Decolorization of a textile dye, reactive red 198 (rr198), by Aspergillus parasiticus fungal biosorbent
Akar, S. Tunali; Akar, T.; Çabuk, A.

· Second-law analysis of laminar nonnewtonian gravity-driven liquid film along an inclined heated plate with viscous dissipation effect
Saouli, S.; Aïboud-Saouli, S.

· Liquid – liquid extraction of matrine using TRPO/cyclohexane reverse micelles
Dong, Lichun; Li, Wenping; Zhou, Xiaohua; Kang, Qin; Shen, Weifeng

· Ternary phase diagram of ketamine ((R,S)-2-(2-chlorophenyl)-2methylaminocyclohexanone) in ethanol and preliminary studies aiming at Enantioselective Crystallization of S-ketamine
Barros, G. O. F.; Tamagawa, R. E.; Santana, C. C.; Miranda, E. A.

· Adsorption of nuclease p1 on chitosan nano-particles
Shi, Lu-E; Tang, Zhen-Xing

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