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Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering, v.17, n.4-7 (2000)

A Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering é uma publicação trimestral da Associação Brasileira de Engenharia Química (ABEQ), que objetiva divulgar trabalhos relacionados à pesquisa básica e aplicada e à inovação no campo da engenharia química e demais áreas relacionadas.

Braz. J. Chem. Eng. v.17 n.4-7 São Paulo dez. 2000


Automatic differentiation tools in the dynamic simulation of chemical engineering processes
Castro, M.C.; Vieira, R.C.; Biscaia Jr., E.C.

Mathematical modeling of dispersion polymerizations study of the styrene polymerization in ethanol
Araújo, P.H.H.; Pinto, J.C.

Mathematical modeling of polystyrene particle size distribution produced by suspension polymerization
Machado, R.A.F.; Pinto, J.C.; Araújo, P.H.H.; Bolzan, A.

Wastewater treatment by flotation
Puget, F.P.; Melo, M.V.; Massarani, G.

The inclusion of surface characteristics in equations for turbulence closure
Telles, A.S.

Control and optimization of baths for electrodeposition of Co-Mo-B amorphous alloys
Prasad, S.; Marinho, F.A.; Santana, F.S.M.

Soft sensors with white- and black-box approaches for a wastewater treatment process
Zyngier, D.; Araújo, O.Q.F.; Lima, E.L.

Application of pulse combustion technology in spray drying process
Zbicinski, I.; Smucerowicz, I.; Strumillo, C.; Crowe, C.

Performance analysis and design of small diameter cyclones
Halasz, M.R.T.; Massarani, G.

Viscosities and excess energy of activation for viscous flow for binary mixtures of tetrahydrofuran with 1-butanol, 2-butanol and 1-chlorobutane at 283.15, 298.15 and 313.15 K
Mariano, A.; Camacho, A.; Postigo, M.; Valen, A.; Artigas, H.; Royo, F.M.; Urieta, J.S.

Control of a loop polymerization reactor using neural networks
Vega, M.P.; Lima, E.L.; Pinto, J.C.

Optimization of annatto (Bixa orellana L.) drying in fixed bed
Faria, L.J.G.; Rocha, S.C.S.

Salt effect in the solubility of hydrogen in n-alcohols at pressures up to 10 MPa and temperatures up to 498.15 K
d’Angelo, J. V.H.; Francesconi, A.Z.

SMB chromatography applied to the separation/purification of fructose from cashew apple juice
Azevedo, D.C.S.; Rodrigues, A.

Neural networks for predicting mass transfer parameters in supercritical extraction
Fonseca, A.P.; Oliveira, J.V.; Lima, E.L.

Pinch analysis of evaporation systems
Westphalen, D.L.; Maciel, M.R. Wolf

Generalized drying curves in conductive/convective paper drying
Lima, O.C. Motta; Pereira, N.C.; Machado, M.A.L.S.

Optimizing dissolved air flotation design system
Féris, L.A.; Gallina, S.C.W.; Rodrigues, R.T.; Rubio, J.

Leak detection in pipelines through spectral analysis of pressure signals
Souza, A.L.; Cruz, S.L.; Pereira, J.F.R.

Advanced control of propylene polimerizations in slurry reactors
Bolsoni, A.; Lima, E.L.; Pinto, J.C.

A planning model for petroleum refineries
Pinto, J.M.; Moro, L.F. L.

A hybrid feedforward neural network model for the cephalosporin C production process
Silva, R.G.; Cruz, A.J.G.; Hokka, C.O.; Giordano, R.L.C.; Giordano, R.C.

Spinning process variables and polymer solution effects in the die-swell phenomenon during hollow fiber membranes formation
Pereira, C.C.; Nobrega, R.; Borges, C.P.

Development of a hydrodynamic model for air-lift reactors
Carvalho, E.; Camarasa, E.; Meleiro, L.A.C.; Maciel Filho, R.; Domingues, A.; Vial, Ch.; Wild, G.; Poncin, S.; Midoux, N.; Bouillard, J.

Inference of conversion and purity for ETBE reactive distillation
Yu-Chu, Tian; Tadé, M.O.

Application of genetic algorithms to the adjustment of the supports of fuzzy sets in a mamdani controller
Mazzucco, M.M.; Bolzan, A.; Barcia, R.M.; Machado, R.A. F.

Adaptive control of paste drying in spouted bed using the GPC algorithm
Corrêa, N.A.; Corrêa, R.G.; Freire, J.T.

Operational cost minimization in cooling water systems
Castro, M.M.; Song, T.W.; Pinto, J.M.

Energy and capital targets for constrained heat exchanger networks
Santos, L.C.; Zemp, R.J.

Sensor locations and noise reduction in high-purity batch distillation control loops
Oisiovici, R.M.; Cruz, S.L.

Applications of an alternative formulation for one-layer real time optimization
Schiavon Júnior, A.L.; Corrêa, R.G.

Simulation and optimization of an industrial PSA unit
Barg, C.; Ferreira, J.M.P.; Trierweiler, J.O.; Secchi, A.R.

Recovery of aroma compounds from orange essential oil
Haypek, E.; Silva, L.H.M; Batista, E.; Marques, D. S.; Meireles, M.A.A.; Meirelles, A.J.A.

Supercritical extraction of oleaginous: parametric sensitivity analysis
Santos, M.M.; Boss, E.A.; Maciel Filho, R.

Salt effect of KBr on the liquid-liquid equilibrium of the water/ethanol/1-pentanol system
Santos, G.R.; d’Ávila, S.G.; Aznar, M.

The influence of heat exchanger design on the synthesis of heat exchanger networks
Liporace, F.S.; Pessoa, F.L.P.; Queiroz, E.M.

Thermodynamic analysis of multicomponent distillation columns: identifying optimal feed conditions
Maia, M. L.O.; Zemp, R.J.

Simulation and thermodynamic modeling of the extraction of tocopherol from a synthetic mixture of tocopherol, squalene and CO2
Mendes, M.F.; Uller, A.M.C.; Pessoa, F.L.P.

Calculation of mixture critical diagrams using an equation of state based on the lattice fluid theory
Mattedi, S.; Tavares, F.W.; Castier, M.

Solubility of carbon dioxide and ethane in lemon oil at elevated pressures
Fuente B, la; Bottini, S.B.

Multivariable low order structured-controller design by frequency response approximation
Trierweiler, J.O.; Müller, R.; Engell, S.

Phenomenological model of the clavulanic acid production process utilizing Streptomyces clavuligerus
Baptista-Neto, A.; Gouveia, E.R.; Badino-Jr, A.C.; Hokka, C.O.

Purification of a-galactosidase from seeds of Sesbania marginata
Falco, A.L.P.; Durrant, L.R.; Franco, T.T.

Studies on the rheology and oxygen mass transfer in the clavulanic acid production by Streptomyces clavuligerus
Gouveia, E. R.; Baptista-Neto, A.; Hokka, C.O.; Badino Jr., A.C.

A simplified kinetic model for the side reactions occurring during the enzymatic synthesis of ampicillin
Ferreira, A.L.O.; Gonçalves, L.R.B.; Giordano, R.C.; Giordano, R.L.C.

Thermal stability and energy of deactivation of free and immobilized cellobiase
Calsavara, L.P.V.; Moraes, F.F.; Zanin, G.M.

Evaluation of inorganic matrixes as supports for immobilization of microbial lipase
Castro, H.F.; Silva, M.L.C.P.; Silva, G.L.J.P

Influence of substrate partition coefficient on the performance of lipase catalyzed synthesis of citronellyl acetate by alcoholysis
Castro, H.F.; Oliveira, P.C.; Pereira, E.B.

Thermal stability and deactivation energy of free and immobilized invertase
Bassetti, F.J.; Bergamasco, R.; Moraes, F.F.; Zanin, G.M.

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